Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3 Monthes Ago Today...

Wow, I can't belive It's already 3 monthes today, since I was under the knife. A new start in life, one hopefully withouth all the back ache, and a straight back.
Night to 7th of October 2008 I hardly slept at all, not even with sleeping pills. All I could think about was "will everything be okey?" "will I wake up fine tomorrow after the operation?". And early morning I was woken up, telling me I had to get ready for operation.
Afterwards I was just laying in bed, thinking, thinking and more thinking. Before my dad and his wife Elisabeth's face was in the door, hugged me and wished me luck, then they went out and mum and Kjell came in. When mum came in I started crying, she kissed my forhead and asured me everything would be alright and they swapped with Adam and Siggen.

Few minutes later, they came down to get me. And I rolled passt all my loved ones, seeing everyone with teary eyes. Mum and Adam followed me down to the operation hall, where mum asked if she could come in untill I was sleeping. It was good, felt abit more safe, even though I knew she was leaving the second my eyes dropped.
My anesthesiology doctor, Mike was english. And thats one of the last things i remeber before I woke up 7-8 hours later...

And I must of remembered that VERY well, cos when I woke up again, all I did was speak english (haha). English to mum,english to doctors, to the nurses... Everyone. I love my brother to bits, and was so happy that he took a week off work to come with me to Oslo, so when I saw him I had to tell all the nurses that "This is my brother Siggen, he looks abit like Jesus... But it's not!" (haha lost)

I was up on intencive care the night over, and the next day these two male nurses came to pick me up. I was put to another room, where I was just to be a couple of hours to see that I didnt go all pukie on the medicines. While I was laying there I heard alot that I probably shouldent (since everyone thought I was asleep) But I figured out that the Asian nurse (Dr.Chang as call him) sounded extreemly scary, as he was yelling at this old demented man all the time : , and I found out there was this other nurse sneaking around. And he was from Arendal. So everytime mum came in to see me "mum, theres a dude from Arendal her!"

The same day I was moved into a single room, thank God for that!

And I figured out pretty quick that Dr.Chang wasnt mean like I thought he was, he was actuallt one of the coolest ones there. I had really trouble sleeping the coming week, so when I rang the bell he came in and sat down talking for a while untill I got abit sleepy. I also talked to the Arendal fella, Espen. And he is actully living about 5 minutes away from my dad, how funny.
When I felt abit better, one of the main doctors (Riise) that had operated on me came in and told me that the operation was a big success, that they had managed to get my back from about 80% hunched/bended to 45% which what most people got:).
The 8 days I spent in Oslo was good, I had my brother Siggen, and Adam in my room from 9-10 am till 10 pm EVERY day, they understood that I didnt like all the talking so they just shut their mouth and watched some TV, only time they left me was to go to bed at night and to grab a meal during the day. They were GREAT!!!

Mum and dad stopped by alot of the time aswell, a full crew of friends and family every day, thank you all!!

The recovery monthes has been waaaaaay worse then the first week laying in Oslo, that was just amazing, getting that little snack after dinner and everything, just laying around doing nothing but relaxe. But I must say that now 3 monthes after... I'm getting pretty bored just laying around. The pain was more or less gone around the 20th of december and now it's just a week untill I get my bum into Oslo for a controlle. To see if my back is recovered, if I need to wear that "bodyarmour" and so on. Crossing my fingers that everything is fine... I'm getting pritty sick of walking around in sweatpants and hoodies now:).

But isnt it amazing how a team of awsome doctors can transform a 80% hunched chick with ALOT of pain. To a normal straight back, no pain, and 5 cm taller? Huge and hard operation, but what a fantastic Doctor team!!! I dont regret this a tiny, tiny bit :).

♥ ♥ ♥

Yesterday I got my new sunnies, YAY YAY YAY and they look SOOOOOOO hot!!! mmmmm I cant wait for summer now, thats for sure! Just hurry up and get here!! Also got my 1000,- gift sertific I won from Fotovideo Oslo ♥ I love it.

Today... Mum and I went for a little shopping trip after the fysio session, and it was very good getting out again, even tho I dont like shopping now with the "body armour". But i found a new hoodie with a big picture of "super women" and some underwear.